The Future of Transportation / 2. Innovation


Andy Scales / Business Insider

6 major ways transportation will change by 2045

“In the next 30 years, though, we are likely to see more change in transportation technology than we’ve seen in the last 100 years.”

The Evolution of the Automobile: Will we subscribe to self-driving vehicles?

“With subscriber cars, we take the vehicle that is necessary for the specific trip. For some trips we might want a desk to do work, for others a video screen to watch a movie. Most of the time we travel alone, so having multi-passenger vehicles would usually be unnecessary.”

These Tiny, Reimagined Cars Are Perfect For City Dwellers

“When it comes to traffic pollution in cities, driverless cars are often seen as a savior: No heavy foot on the gas pedal, no endless circling looking for a parking space, and—ideally—car-sharing programs that reduce the total number of cars. But it’s not the drivers that are the problem, it’s the cars. Even making all the cars electric isn’t the answer, because we’d still be hauling around 4,000 pounds of automobile (the average weight for a new car in 2010) just to get 180 pounds of humans to their destination.”

Ford wants to transform your car’s rear wheel into a unicycle

“In traffic, you’d theoretically pull over into a parking lot, and an automatic hydraulic jack would lift the rear of the Ford off the ground, allowing you to disengage the rear wheel. The free wheel would work as a unicycle with an electric motor, seat and foot pegs; this would let you make the rest of your commute without a car. (And who would steal a car with only three wheels?)”

There’s way more to FARADAY future than a crazy concept car

“Tesla’s newest competitor unveiled the FFZERO1, a wild-eyed, single-seat concept that combines elements of the Batmobile, a Le Mans racer, some switchblades, and a fighter jet.”

Switzerland’s New Self-Driving Buses Will Probably Run Like Clockwork

“Unlike Google’s private self-driving vehicles, BestMile’s focus is public transport. It also takes a different approach suited to a network of vehicles running on known routes: the network controls the buses “the same way a control tower does in an airport,” writes BestMile. The company is also working with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne to improve the technology for better control and routing.”

This smart scooter will fold itself up at the sound of your voice

“Built by Israeli company Green Ride, INU is a largish, though sleekly designed, portable scooter that weighs just 55 pounds. Folded, it’s almost light and small enough to throw into a large piece of luggage and take with you on an extended trip — imagine not having to rent a car. Once unfolded, INU can drive up to 12 miles on a charge. The smart scooter will come with a free app, as well as a dock for your smartphone and built-in GPS.”

Velomobile fans could soon have a real Ego

“Early next year, the Pedalist, e-fox, Elf and Tripod could all be in for some competition. That’s when Illinois-based inventor Eliel Rojas plans on launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of his human/electric hybrid vehicle, the Ego Urban Transporter. Like those other models, it’s what’s known as a velomobile – a pedal-powered tricycle enclosed within an aerodynamic shell. Also like them, it’s a velomobile that stands about as tall as a car. Its rider, however, stays pretty laid-back.”

Your Urban Vehicle of the Future Might Be an Electric Tricycle

“Ryan Chin, a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab, specializes in dreaming up solutions to urban transportation problems. His latest invention, unveiled at the EmTech conference earlier this week in Cambridge, Massachusetts, tries to marry the three dominant trends in urban automobiles: autonomy, vehicle sharing, and electrification.”

Segway’s New Hoverboard Can Transform Into a Robot

“Intel showcased a “hoverboard” scooter that transforms into a personal robot. The gadget is a type of Segway scooter made by Chinese company Ninebot. “

CES 2016: China’s Ehang builds a drone to fly humans

“Chinese drone makers have gained pole position in the global industry, thanks in part to China’s rules on testing and flying drones, which are more permissive than in the US. DJI made the first mass-market camera drone — the Phantom — and is now the biggest consumer drone company in the world by sales.”

How vulnerable are smart cities to cyberattack?

“There have been a number of cyberattacks on transport management systems in recent years, as well as proof-of-concept demonstrations of possible attacks.  For example, a cyberattack on a key toll road in Haifa, Israel, closed it for eight hours causing major traffic disruption (9).  A research team from the University of Michigan managed to hack and manipulate more than a thousand traffic lights in one city using a laptop and wireless radio (15).”


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