How ‘basic income for all’ could lift millions out of poverty while cutting back ‘big government’

“The idea of a basic income for every person has been popping up regularly in recent years.

Economists, think tanks, activists and politicians from different stripes have toyed with the idea of governments giving every citizen or resident a minimum income off which to live. This cash transfer could either replace or supplement existing welfare payments.

Pilot projects and feasibility studies have been run or are under way in the Netherlands, India, Canada, Finland, France and elsewhere.”

Finland is considering giving every citizen a basic income

“The Finnish government is getting serious about the idea of a national basic income. It has commissioned KELA, the national social insurance provider, to study the concept, calculate the costs, and run an experiment in 2017 to judge the feasibility of rolling it out across the country. If, eventually, the government were to approve of such a plan, Finland could scrap all existing benefits and instead hand out a monthly stipend to everyone. According to some reports, the monthly payment could be €800 ($870).”

Sweden’s Minister of the Future Explains How to Make Politicians Think Long-Term

“Let’s take into consideration the “future of work” macro-area. There is no point trying to resist technological change and the expected automation of a great number of jobs in the coming years. Such an attitude would be shortsighted.

So the real question is not how we can try to delay the process. On the contrary, given the coming technological changes, how can we best prepare? And again, how can we guarantee that Sweden’s unemployment rate remains low and the level of social welfare the same as today? You see, these are not easy questions and if we want to find answers, we better start working now.”

This is why Finland is able to implement the basic income experimente

“In the last couple of days BBC, Forbes, Independent, Mashable, Telegraph, Time and Quartz among other media outlets have have written about Finland’s experiment with basic income on a national level. However, none of the articles uncover the reason why Finland can pull off such ambitious policies in an age where so many government are left powerless with even smallest of changes in the way society works.

The bigger change is buried under the stream of international news regarding the world’s largest basic income trial. With a closer look, one can see that basic income is only a tip of the iceberg. During the past year, Finland has explored possibilities on how to reform some of its policy making functions with and idea to move from speculative to evidence-based and experimental.”

Could a new ‘basic income’ protect Australia’s most vulnerable?

“The basic income proposal directly addresses the problem of people falling through the cracks of a complex welfare system. And it would dramatically reduce the cost of administering welfare – costs that have grown as welfare has become more conditional.”

This AI expert says that a robot economy will force us to give people unconditional free Money

“In the future, giving people unconditional free money might be the fairest way to deal with a robot-powered economy.”


“There are generally two categories from which solutions to high unemployment are formed and chosen. The political category and the technological category. Each category of solution has it’s pros and cons and we do not wish to diminish any alternative solution which has a measurably positive impact on solving the problem. What we are promoting is a technological safety-net to supplement or in other words provide auxiliary power to the traditional political safety-net. If the one fails then there is technologically based resiliency and redundancy.”

Soft Path Indicator “Hits:” More on a Guaranteed Basic Income

“I suppose what I’ve been thinking about and looking for is a narrative or story that can deal with GBI being positioned as “socialism or communism, and those are bad things.”

New ideas are emerging on how a guaranteed basic income makes sense…even in the USA.”

The time has come for basic income

“I first heard of basic income three years ago. I was not looking for anything like this, neither interested into swapping my quiet life for the one of an activist. Rather, the idea came to me – and I immediatly adopted it.

Not that I personally needed a basic income. I am certainly part of this class of priviledged people who had the chance to born in a family that doesn’t live in luxury but lacks of anything. My parents could afford to pay my scholarship in a Grande École, pay my rents for five years, and eventually, there was a computer at home since I was a child, which got me very used to type on a keyboard, surf on the internet and accomplish a personal shift in my way of thinking.”

A Renda Básica Universal e Incondicional é uma medida tremendamente eficaz na luta contra a pobreza e a exclusão

“A renda básica universal incondicional é uma medida tremendamente eficaz na luta contra a pobreza e a exclusão. Talvez a única verdadeiramente eficaz. Naturalmente, a RB é uma medida de redistribuição da riqueza que deve ser acompanhada de reformas no sistema fiscal”.